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Raise Your Helping Hand

I’m here to spread some real thoughts and help you to get in touch with your inner love and peace. You can help me by simply liking and sharing my content.

About Us Beliefs

I belief that we all are whole within us but as we grow we absorb others beliefs, thoughts and actions. I am unlearning those belief and helping myself to grow. You can join and start your own journey here as I continue mine.


What People Say

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  • (no title)
    If light is in your heart you will find your way home.

  • Simple

    The most beautiful moments in your life are those moments when you were not thinking about anything. What you call the moments of bliss, joy, ecstasy, utter peace these were moments when you were not thinking about anything but we’re just living

  • Friends
    Just few lines from one of my favourite romantic novel

    I don’t know if you get this or not but having a friend by your side with whom you can share anything and everything without giving it a second thought and also that they are loyal with you is such a blessing.

    Not everyone has friends. There are people who always feel like alone wolf and sometimes is hits really hard to feel this way.

  • What makes you alive?

    Think about it for a min. What makes you alive. It can be anything your smile, your worries, your touch what else……?

    How many time we get caught up in the useless things which doesn’t even matter to us at present. We cry over it we worry over it we ask for advice over it.

    I want to ask when you are putting so much of your energy in it does it makes you feel alive ? Does it makes you feel like you’re or you’ll be on top of the world blissfully after you achieve it?

    If yes then maybe it is worthy but if no they why are you putting yourself through this.

    No one has be productive and active every single day but everyone has to improve every single day.

  • Affirmation
  • Loving someone

    Have you ever thought why loving someone feels so good?

    You keep looking at there picture. You keep taking to them in your mind. You keep checking there last seen. You know why ?

    Because that’s who we are by nature we are love. We are that feeling of butterflies in out stomachs. And every time we say we are in love that means we are back to our true self we are back to home. And you can keep that feeling with you forever and ever by loving yourself like you love others.

    Valentines special.
  • Union

    We all are ready to get United with that one person who make us feel like home. Only by saying there name or thinking about them makes us feel peaceful and easy.

    Today let’s think about them.

    For me that person is someone I’ve never heard of never seen them never talked to them all I know is I’ve met him alot of times in my dreams and I’ve hugged him alot of times there and I know it is my home.

  • Pain is the power
    Rumi’s quote

    Think about it.

    If we haven’t gone through, what we gone through would we be able to feel others and be sensitive to them where we know we have to be sensitive.

    Pain is really tough when we go through them but after it passes every single time we become a better version of ourselves.

    It’s it beautifull?

  • The Truth

    Have you ever got scared to see the truth of a person or a situation or of your own self ?

    Because you are scared that it might turn out to be something which you never want to face. You see it everyday and yet you find a excuse to say “it’s not what I think” or something like “I’m just overthinking.”

    Well it’s like we are fooling our own self again and again and again and then there will come a point when we’ll suppress it so badly in our own self that when we’ll see it we won’t be able to say sorry to our own self.

    So to protect your self from that huge damage. Please see the truth. I know it is really hard to face really hard to acknowledge but you have to do it for the one person who has always and will always stand with you, you have to do it for your own self.

  • Never settle for less

    We all atleaste once fall for someone so badly that we have waited for them for weeks, years, and months but even after all that waiting if that person comes to you and say “let’s be together. We’ll see where it goes.” Be smart enough and leave then right there. Because the level of patients, trust and loyalty you have showed for that person in that past weeks, months or years. You deserve someone who treats you like a diamond.

    Please don’t compromise for something which is not meant for you. You deserve the world even if you can’t see it now. The potential the love the commitment you offer to this world is not something anyone should take if for granted. You’ll find someone/something which know your worth and deserve and treat you accordingly.

    So please stop setting for something less then you deserve just because you have to wait or you have feelings for something which doesn’t know your worth.

  • Selfishness

    Hey guys welcome again. Today I want to talk to you about why and how being selfish is not a bad thing but actually a favour on this world and your family.

    I think we all have heard of this quote”you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first”

    As we think about it. Some call it self-love some call it selfishness. Actually it is the fact of life

    Take it this way. Someday your family go through something really bad like the bad time which comes in everyone’s life, at that time if you’re brave enough to be selfish then you can not only save your own self but also your family.

    It’s like if your family member falls while walking, you don’t just fall with them you stand there and give them hand to get up on there feets. Same way when something bad happens to one or more of your family members fall don’t be a fool and slip with them try to keep yourself detached from that situation and then focus on the solution to help them get up.

    Same goes for love, you wanna love someone else love yourself first enough to stand with you with or without them. Be brave enough to take care of yourself irrelevant to the situations around you.

    Thank you so much for reading so far. I’m really greatfull to you. Keep loving yourself with every single excuse you get.

    -ligera from sunshine❤️

  • you are constantly being loved by someone from somewhere on earth.

    Do you ever wondered why people talk about soulmates why they say that there is someone special for you out there who’s waiting and being there best self for you?

    Well because there is you partner out there however you call them you soulmate, your twin flame, your boyfriend, your future spouse what ever.

    You can feel them you know they exciste somewhere on earth you know them in your heart you always connect to them through dreams though thoughts through tears and sometimes through smiles and laughter.

    Doesn’t it feels good ?

    Doesn’t it gives us another reason to improve yourself every single day?

    So today as day 1 of this blog let’s write a letter or let’s just connect to them through our heart let’s just told them that how much we love them and how badly we want them next to us.
    shell we?

    What we have to do?

    Take a paper and write a letter to them and when you are done telling them everything you want to say then just burn the paper thinking that the air they’ll breath will deliver your message to them. Or close your eyes put your hand on your heart and just think of a person in front of you someone who knows you inside out and accepts you and loves you just the way you are and talk to them about everything. That’s it.

    Thank you so much for reading this far I hope you like it please share your views in the comments.❤️

    Keep loving yourself by every single excuse you get 😘